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Inside Out - Building Health from the Inside Out: Debra Filla ~ 913.381.8489
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I'm focused on helping folks, who like myself, are dedicated to optimum health by eating well, exercising, supplementing every day, breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and detoxing their environment. 

Want to search out and eliminate toxins in your home that you suspect are overloading the health of you and your family? Ready to investigate a lifestyle of the highest quality foods, personal care products, water, and supplements?  Looking for solutions that “Build health from the Inside Out"?

Then give me a call, and let's customize what I call my "Sherlock Holmes Detective Package".  Originally developed for individuals struggling with Alopecia and/or other autoimmune diseases, it is for anyone who is ready to make changes to improve their health. This is for an elite group who think outside the box and are open to investigating a better way. People who believe that 85% of health is based on lifestyle choices and are ready to follow their 'gut instincts' and invest in choices that result in optimum health.

So if you're ready to track down the toxins in your environment, detox your liver, heal your gut, and build a healthy immune system at a celluar level, give me a call at 913-381-8489 or email me at insideout@attglobal.net.